XOXO – A Valentine’s Day Pop-Up Shop

January 21, 2013
romantic whimsical centerpiece of ivory and blush

This Valentine’s Day your beloved deserves better than flowers ordered online. Flowers that arrive strapped in a cardboard box with no water and a wrapped up vase. The last thing she should have to do on a day celebrating your love is unpack and arrange wilted flowers herself (see here). Heck, I’ll even go as far as saying your sweetheart deserves better than the standard dozen red roses with leather leaf fern and babies breath everyone and their mother is getting this Valentine’s Day. And don’t get me started on grocery store flowers nestled in the fruit and veggie section. These not-so-lovely bouquets wrapped in cellophane sit out of a cooler next to veggies and fruit that are constantly giving off ethylene gas. Ever wonder why these grocery store flowers don’t seem to last that long? Ethylene gas damages flowers, shortens the vase life and can even prevent blooms from opening.

We’re staging a floral intervention. Step away from the bad flowers. You deserve unique blooms that are artfully arranged in a one of a kind container by a floral designer.

Alluring Blooms and MaryJanes & Galoshes Photography proudly present XOXO – A Valentine’s Pop-Up Shop. This will be a one of a kind Valentine’s Day event you won’t want to miss. We’ll be selling gorgeous blooms and MJ&G will be offering a FREE portrait session sampling. Stop in for an updated facebook profile picture shot by MJ&G. We’ll also be selling adorable Valentine’s Day cards by marzipan inc! We’ll be at 309 DeWitt St, just north of the Corner Pocket, on February 13th & 14th from 9:00am-9:00pm.

Mark your calendar! (knowing us, there will probably be cookies and coffee involved – like you needed something else to sweeten the deal?!)

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