Brides & Blooms: A May Day Basket

May 1, 2014
may day spring flower basket

Happy May Day!

Samantha at Willow & Stone Photography and I decided to postpone the April 25th Bride’s & Blooms series post to bring you this special posting today. A springy, cheerful May Day basket. Are you familiar with the tradition of May Day? It is something I truly adore.

spring flowers tulips and daffodils

May Day is special to me because I have very fond memories of making May baskets when I was little. Traditionally bonfires were lit to symbolize the coming of spring and to banish the horrible, long, cold winter nights. While these celebrations have pagan ties, today a much more secular version of May Day is observed in America & Europe. May Day in America is most often celebrated by leaving little baskets of flowers or treats at someones doorstep. After placing the basket on the doorstep, you ring the bell and run! There’s something particularly fulfilling about randomly leaving a little bit of cheer to surprise someone.

homemade may day basket filled with spring garden clippings

So, what do you think? Want to join in the tradition? Step outside, get some fresh air, pick some spring flowers from your garden, and pass the May Day love on to someone you know.

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